2050 climate target must be matched with faster fossil fuel phase-out

13 December 2019

European governments today adopted to a target of zero net carbon emissions by the year 2050.

Responding to this new long-term goal approved by heads of state and government at a summit in Brussels, Susann Scherbarth, climate justice spokesperson for Friends of the Earth Europe said;

"A target 30 years in the future in 2050 does not represent emergency action, and it absolutely must be matched with immediate action to dramatically reduce climate emissions in the next 5 years. Short-term action is essential given that the climate crisis is already killing people and destroying livelihoods.

"The huge demonstrations of people calling for climate justice know that all of Europe must phase-out all fossil fuels, including gas, in the next decade – today's announcement won't reassure them of a safer future.

"Like the Green Deal unveiled by the European Commission yesterday, this promise risks being too late and too vague on details how it will be achieved.

"The EU needs to show solidarity with people in regions heavily dependent on polluting industries and work hand in hand with people for a truly just transition to sustainable societies."

Friends of the Earth Europe is working to create the much-needed, fair and urgent transition to a fossil fuel free Europe by 2030. This means dismantling the fossil fuel system and creating the just, clean energy future that people want and need.