EU deal on energy efficiency lets down climate and energy-poor

19 June 2018

A deal struck today on the EU's energy efficiency target for 2030, after a year and a half of negotiations, will let down the climate and Europe's energy-poor, according to Friends of the Earth Europe.

Representatives of EU Governments, the European Parliament and European Commission agreed today to:

  • a non-binding 32.5% European target for energy efficiency for 2030;
  • binding annual savings of only 0.8% (once all loopholes are taken into account);
  • an undefined share of annual savings to target energy-poor households.

The removal of the target's binding character leaves the door open for EU countries to renege on this commitment.

Clémence Hutin, climate justice and energy campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe said:

"With a warming planet and rising energy poverty across the continent, today's energy efficiency deal is a let down for the climate and Europe's energy-poor.

"National governments have doggedly resisted breaking away from our wasteful energy model. Opting for this low, non-binding target will fail to drive the energy saving investments Europe needs, and is a missed opportunity for emissions cuts, decent homes, cheaper energy bills, and local green jobs."

Energy waste from buildings is endemic in Europe with "97,5% of the building stock, currently not in the A class, [and which] should therefore be upgraded", and 80 million Europeans living in inadequate homes.

68 European organisations have called on governments to act on energy poverty and efficiency.

Friends of the Earth Europe called for compulsory energy savings of 40% by 2030.



The cost of energy waste infographic