Global week of action for a Robin Hood Tax

16 May 2012

This week, 15th-22nd May, campaign groups and individuals all across the world are taking part in a global week of action for a Robin Hood Tax – the financial transaction tax that would raise millions to fight poverty and climate change, whilst curbing the excesses of our failing financial system.

Just a few years ago, the idea of taxing the banks was unimaginable, but the campaign for a financial transaction tax has taken giant leaps towards becoming reality.

Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Ethiopia and the African Union have all pledged their support for a Robin Hood tax. Nobel Prize winners, more than 1,000 economists and millions of ordinary people around the world have all seen the sense of putting people before profit. The financial transaction tax has garnered enormous support, and through actions like those happening this week, this is a fight that can be won.

This week supporters from across the globe are doing all they can to push governments to introduce this  ‘no-brainer’ of an idea. From thousands of nurses marching in Chicago, to stunts in cities all across Europe, the message is ‘enough is enough; it’s time for governments to act’. 

Campaigners from more than thirty countries will be taking action, including many Friends of the Earth Europe supporters, by making a noise online, visiting embassies, dressing up and doing all they can to shout about the Robin Hood Tax. Find out more about what you can do here.

As an economic storm once again threatens to engulf the world economy, all eyes will be on world leaders to fix the system and stop casino capitalism at the upcoming EU, G8, G20 and Rio+20 summits..

A financial transaction tax will help to do this, in addition to raising tens of billions to help the world’s poorest people and fight climate change.