25 June 2007

Brussels, 26 June 2007 - The Environment Committee today voted for a modest improvement on the proposed Thematic Strategy and Framework Directive on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides. Environmental and health groups EEB, Friends of the Earth Europe, Health & Environment Alliance and Pesticides Action Network Europe, are glad that Members of the European Parliament have successfully brought in some positive measures to reduce total exposure to and risks from pesticides. The improved proposals received overwhelming cross-party support.

18 February 2005

Brussels, 18 February 2005 - Europe's largest network of environmental groups today warns that trans-Atlantic relations cannot improve unless the United States takes environmental issues and citizens' rights more seriously, and drops its corporate-led foreign policies. Ahead of President Bush's visit to Europe, Friends of the Earth is particularly scathing of the US's lack of action on climate change and its blatant attempt, via the World Trade Organisation, to force-feed the world genetically modified (GM) foods.

15 October 2004

Billions of euros of CAP subsidies will start flowing from Brussels to the new member states tomorrow (Sat. 16 October) without necessary environmental safeguards, a new Friends of the Earth Europe research warns.

6 September 2004

Brussels, 6 September - Friends of the Earth is calling on the European Commission to halt proposals that would allow farmers to commercially grow up to 17 different types of genetically modified (GM) maize seeds in fields across the whole of Europe. The Commission, which is meeting in Brussels on Wednesday 8 September, also wants to legalise the widespread GM contamination of conventional crops.

Friends of the Earth, Europe's largest grassroots environmental network, believes the proposals will threaten Europe's food and farming and take away consumers right to avoid GM food.

14 June 2004

Brussels, 14 June 2004 - The twenty five member states of Europe will vote this week for the first time on a Genetically Modified (GM) food. A European Union (EU) regulatory committee will decide on Wednesday 16th June 2004, whether to allow the import of a Monsanto GM oilseed rape, called GT73, that has been modified to resist the company's own chemical herbicide. 

22 April 2004

Europe's largest grassroots environmental network has today, on "Earth Day", launched a new campaign to demand better legal protection for areas wanting to ban genetically modified (GM) crops. Friends of the Earth Europe highlight that initiatives to ban GM crops are now running in at least 22 different European countries. (1)

22 January 2004

Friends of the Earth Europe have challenged the European Commission to do more to protect organic farming from the contamination of genetically modified (GM) crops. Today (Thursday 22 January), the Commission is holding a one-day Hearing on the implementation of the EU Action Plan on Organic Food and Farming (1). 

10 November 2003

Friends of the Earth Europe has welcomed the decision by European countries not to break the EU's de facto moratorium on new GMO foods. A EU regulatory committee today failed to support a proposal by the European Commission to approve a controversial genetically modified sweet corn. Friends of the Earth described the decision as a "victory for common sense".

10 November 2003

Friends of the Earth Europe is calling on EU member states to put European citizens before the business interests of the United States at a crucial meeting today. Europe's largest environmental network is protesting outside the European Council as a regulatory committee decides whether to approve a controversial genetically modified sweet corn, thereby breaking Europe's six year de facto moratorium.

2 July 2003

Strasbourg, 2 July 2003. The European Parliament's vote in favour of allowing member states to take action to prevent contamination from genetically modified (GM) crops has been warmly welcomed by Friends of the Earth Europe.

The MEPs also voted for tougher labelling of GM food and traceability of crops. GM animal feed will now have to be labelled for the first time.


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