17 July 2013

Elias Diaz Peña, Goldman Environmental prize winner from Friends of the Earth Paraguay, is touring Europe to discuss the devastating impact of soy production across South America. As a leading importer of soy, Europe is responsible for the expansion of soy production in South America and its impacts on biodiversity and local communities across the continent.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Germany, Netherlands
11 July 2013

The European Parliament's environment committee voted today on legislation to limit the quantities of 'food based' biofuels in renewable energy transport targets for Europe.

MEPs voted with a 60% majority to:

10 July 2013

Growing crops for biofuels would lead to less food being produced, forcing more people into hunger, finds a new analysis commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe and released today. [1] The revelation comes as the environment committee of the European Parliament faces a crucial vote on biofuels on Thursday (July 11).

26 June 2013

The EU's new agriculture policy is a disaster for the environment, small farmers and developing countries, according to Friends of the Earth Europe. The criticism comes at the end of lengthy negotiations over the rules and support for European farmers until 2020.

24 June 2013

European banks, pension funds and private equity funds have given financial assistance worth more than €450 million to Malaysian palm oil giant Sime Darby, responsible for environmental degradation and violations of national regulations in Liberia, according to new research from Friends of the Earth Europe [1].

19 June 2013

As European parliamentarians vote in committees this week on the future of biofuels in Europe, 113 civil society organisations and coalitions, together representing millions of people, expressed their concerns about the environmental, economic and social impacts of European biofuel policy.

Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
20 May 2013

Friends of the Earth Netherlands took over 11,000 orders from across the Netherlands for the first production run of their new ‘Kleine Hoefprint’ (Small hoof-print) cheese – demonstrating a real demand for high quality cheese with low environmental impact.

17 April 2013

Between 2009 and 2012, French banks granted more than 4 billion euro in loans to European producers of agrofuels, and have issued these companies stocks and bonds for a total amount of more than 3 billion euro according to new research from Friends of the Earth France and Oxfam France. The groups called on French banks to stop financing agrofuel producers – who threaten global food security and are fuelling land grabs, especially in Liberia.

13 March 2013

Members of the European Parliament today voted to continue the process of ‘greening’ European agriculture.

However the changes don’t go far enough, says Friends of the Earth Europe which is calling for much stronger measures to protect the environment and the majority of small farmers.

The vote on the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) comes on a wave of growing public opposition to industrial farming and its increasingly harmful impacts on the countryside and consumers. 

8 March 2013

Nex week (March 13) the European Parliament will vote on reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and there's still time for you to take action and ask for greener farming.


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