Do you care about climate strikes? (III)

26 September 2019

In August, YFoEE and BUNDjugend (Young Friends of the Earth Germany) organised Camp for [Future], a climate camp in the coal-mining region in the west of Germany. This event became a huge gathering of young activists from all Europe, where they participated and ran many workshops and activities related to the social and environmental justice movement. We asked some of them about the global climate strikes, and reflections on their environmental activism.


Why would you encourage people to join the climate strikes?

“I would encourage people to join the climate strikes because climate change is a big thing and everyone is involved. The scientists and scientific evidence have given us the information that the planet is in crisis. So, it is the responsibility of every individual to participate and make the planet a safe place for all.”

What is climate justice for you?

“As far I am concerned, I believe every nation and every community, every government has the responsibility to have and create a fair society. The few rich and wealthy individuals and governments shouldn’t actually destroy the planet for their own benefits and shouldn’t make the less developed nations and the poorest individuals, to suffer the worst impacts and consequences of climate change. For me, climate justice means seeing a fairer society.”

What makes you passionate about climate justice?

“As an individual who actually has a background and has experienced climate change, I believe those people suffering from climate change don’t deserve to go through it. It’s very unfair to see people getting displaced because of climate change. So, I believe those people deserve a better life and they should be able to live in their homes in peace instead of struggling with the consequences of climate change. I am passionate to be able to make a change, to be able to allow those people to live a better life like any other person.”

Yusif Ibrahim, member of Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland


What is climate justice for you?

“Climate justice is important for me because I care about the world, I care about the animals of the world, the trees, the people, the nature. I care about the polar bear that’s facing shorter winters, and less ice to hunt on. I care about all the people who don’t have enough water to drink and who are being affected by the heat. I care about all of those people and animals. I also care about all trees that actually give us oxygen. It is a really important issue and I believe we should all fight for climate justice before it is too late.”

Bilaal Mahmood, member of Friends of the Earth England Wales & Northern Ireland